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Types of Issues for a Reading

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These are the types of issues many people come to me to change: divorce or separation, phobias, depression, panic attacks, confusion, PTSD, recurring nightmares, insomnia, abuse, hurtful relationships, trauma, loss of loved ones or pets, or the ever-changing phases of life.

If you find yourself repeating the same behaviors over and over, finding a continuous stream of self-sabotaging behavior and/or constantly wishing you could have more personal power in your life, these readings/healings are very effective.

Many people have used this work in conjunction with psychotherapy and counseling. Therapists have often referred their client's to me to help uncover and break through plateaus. 

These readings can help you shift your thoughts, release highly-charged, out-of-date reactions to people, places, and events, and give you more understanding, and clarity.

This work enables you to forgive yourself and others, allowing more love to come in and through you. Many of us sense and feel this ability and power living deep within us, but cannot seem to access it. We know it is there and genuinely desire to unleash it.

This healing technique moves out the old beliefs, allowing room for new and more current ones to emerge resulting in you being more in the present time which clears it for a new tomorrow. 

This healing this process helps you to begin to start building a new foundation for yourself.

I have been doing this work for over 30 years and it is amazing the changes I have seen in people's lives. I can't always explain exactly how it works, but it does. I feel like it comes from a higher source that channels through me. I am very grateful to have this gift and am honored that I am able to offer it to others.

You deserve a more authentic life, one that is empowering to you. It is time for you to clear your path and do what you came here to do.

This spiritual reading is a strong and powerful tool that can help you make that

shift you are looking for.

What is this particular type of psychic experience?

I do like to let people know this so that there less confusion and fear in trying out this process. 

I do not foretell your future. I will not forecast who you will marry or how many kids you will have. Your future is decided by your choices of today.

My reading will not miraculously change you into someone other than who you work to be.

I do ask to limit questions to a couple, especially if they are of great meaning to you and your life. Investigation and real change many layers as the reading will reveal. This will allow you to experience deeper meaning and healing as a result of finding the focus of your session. 

The reading works better with a clear specific topic and intention. Before coming look inside and try and make that choice on what you really want to examine. The result will be a more powerful healing experience.nt. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Most people who find this work exceptional are those who are ready and willing to look inside themselves for answers and work on their own inner selves to improve their lives. They desire to keep their power and to open their mind to experience that a new experience in their life.

You may hear something that you don't necessarily want to hear but your spirit says you are ready to hear it. I can show you what I see, what others don't see and what you don't see. What you do with it is yours and using it, is up to you. 

It is your spirit that is ready to come into alignment with the wisdom and rhythm of your body's information. They are a team and work separately while down on this earthly plane. 

This is our challenge in order to grow and learn to love more. It is a privilege, and gift to be given the chance to grow so quickly and rapidly while we live this out. 

What you can do is work with your own system of beliefs that dwells inside of you.

You are worth taking the time and effort to give and heal you.

It is your turn now.