Philosophy of a Reading

Powerful, deep, internal beliefs can control our central nervous system as well as our energetic and psychic system. Many"outdated" beliefs have built up or "lodged in" from past events such as a rocky childhood, traumatic experience, challenging and disappointing relationships, physical ailments, and possibly past lives. 

Our subconscious holds onto these events and can direct and influence our daily choices. We can adopt false concepts and/or suggestions from those around us and believe that they are our own. This causes problems in establishing our own current identity making authentic choices and finding our way using our own information.

If you are needing to unblock recurring conflicts and move forward with a new outlook on life with a new beginning, a reading can be extremely helpful and powerful. It can be a helpful tool and may be used by those who find counseling or therapy to be soothing and supportive. Many people have taken their taped reading into therapy to work deeper and become clearer about their life objectives.

Here you will receive a psychic reading that may include an aura reading, past life information, and an energy healing throughout your system.

If you need more details...

The reading will be set to 60 minutes and the entire session is recorded. When you come for a reading you will need to have two to three very clear and specific questions ready to ask for the information you are seeking. If you feel you need a general reading that is fine as well.

The more you are articulate in expressing your question, the more information will rise and the more powerful the healing will be. 

For example, many people will come in and say, "I want to know about relationships and career."

I might ask, "What specific relationship are you talking about... romantic partner, business partner, your boss, a relative, or even your best friend?" remember you can not control others but you can change your attitude and feelings about yourself.

 "Are you wanting to look at your relationship with money, home, your body, your spiritual path, your safety in the world, etc." Do you know what you have been accepting as truth in these relationships? 

There are so many "relationships" in the world that it helps if you are clear exactly what you are working on and wish to investigate in this lifetime.

Remember... I do not predict the future

I believe that your future is decided by your present choices daily. Daily decisions are made constantly, which can change your "destiny." You could decide next week to travel to other nations or that this is the time to make a commitment to someone or something. 

I am sure you have witnessed and experienced many profound and unexpected events that instantly changed your life forever.

My position in this work is to help you to understand yourself better

in order to set yourself free of needless judgment and/or confusion. I work in a safe, neutral, non-judgmental environment. 

I only see what your spirit gives me permission to see and what your spirit is wanting and willing to reveal to me.

You may not be in agreement with my information but you can take what you need and leave the rest. This is for you only.

Cancellation Policy

There is a cancellation policy. If you cancel in less than 24 hours, you will be charged half of the reading cost in addition to the normal rates. 

Please respect this policy. 

If you think you are ready for a reading, it often means that your spirit is letting you know that the time has come... You are ready for the shift.

I often get referrals from a friend, a previous client, sometimes a counselor or therapist. You do not need this but feel free to call and let's talk. If you should have any questions about the I do please feel free to call.

Thank you for your interested in my healing work.

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