I was a major turning point in my life with several changes (new career, home, relationship) occurring at once and chose to go to Cheryl for a reading because I wanted different results in my life. Although I was living a content life, I felt I was just going through the motions.

In my readings, I learned about fears that had been engrained in me since before I can remember and were holding me back from being successful in the present. This helped me understand why I kept repeating specific behaviors and helped me release old patterns.

I gained a sharper understanding of my life events and began to walk with more confidence through my life journey.

Cheryl’s level of professionalism, the warm, welcoming environment, and the simplicity of it all really put me at ease. The experience as a whole (reading and healing) is like a deep cleansing for the soul. I would recommend a reading with Cheryl to anyone who wants to let go of past beliefs and live the best version of themselves in present time.

Ceci G. (2015)

"I have been a client of Cheryl’s for the past 15 years and am consistently impressed by her gifts and the caliber of her professionalism. Within any healing modality, there is both a science and an art to the set of skills.

"Cheryl continues to hone her expertise and always provides insight and guidance that doesn’t compromise one’s spiritual beliefs or free will.

"The metaphysics of spiritual healing is indeed a science and one that is beginning to be increasingly understood as modern neuroscience, biophysics, and integrative medicine evolve. 

Cynthia C. (2013)

"Cheryl’s art is her genuineness, light-heartedness, and compassionate humanity every step of the way through the process. of suffering can be a matter of re-framing conceptualizations within our own minds, or a deeper awareness of the growth opportunity in the situation – Cheryl possesses the wisdom to discern both. Whenever I have faced extremely challenging or distressful times in my life I have been profoundly grateful for Cheryl’s gifts and am empowered on my life’s journey. "If not yet apparent, my endorsement of Cheryl is unequivocal!" 

Anne M.(2011)